About the Electoral Council of Australia and New Zealand (ECANZ)

Formed in 2012, the primary function of the ECANZ was to enable member electoral commissions to consult on the management of electoral rolls for Commonwealth, State, and Territory and Local Government elections.

Over the past five years the ECANZ has evolved to become a forum where electoral commissions meet three times per year to discuss all aspects of electoral administration, encourage mutual cooperation, and consider contemporary electoral challenges aimed at improving access and equality for all eligible electors.

The ECANZ Charter, developed in February 2016, sets out the purpose, goals and expected outcomes of the work of the ECANZ.

Current ECANZ membership

Name Position Organisation or State
John Schmidt Electoral Commissioner (current Chair of ECANZ) NSW Electoral Commission
Tom Rogers Electoral Commissioner Australian Electoral Commission
Alicia Wright Chief Electoral Officer New Zealand Electoral Commission
Damian Cantwell AM Electoral Commissioner Elections ACT
Iain Loganathan Electoral Commissioner Northern Territory Electoral Commission
Dermot Tiernan Acting Electoral Commissioner Electoral Commission Queensland
Mick Sherry Electoral Commissioner Electoral Commission of South Australia
Andrew Hawkey Electoral Commissioner Tasmanian Electoral Commission
Warwick Gately Electoral Commissioner Victorian Electoral Commission
David Kerslake Electoral Commissioner Western Australian Electoral Commission

ECANZ Secretariat

Locked Bag 4007
Canberra ACT 2601
Phone 02 6271 4687
Email: ecanz.secretariat@aec.gov.au

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